sell JVL4-63 RCCB circuit breaker

sell JVL4-63    RCCB circuit breaker

Model No.︰JVL4-63

Brand Name︰ROGY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰200 pc

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Product Description

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JVL4-63 I Residual Current Circuit Breaker provide the function of isolation switching and earth leakage protection of electrical circuits.And also provide the indirect protection of the operator’s body against the dangerous effects of electric current and provide the protection of the fire caused by the electrical circuit fault.


The Certificate:B,S,IRAM.



The residual current circuit breakers we manufacturing are JVL1-63I/III,JVL7-125,JVL16-100,JVL16-63,JVL15-63,JVL19-63,JVL22-63,JVL25-100,JVL3-32,JVL26-63,JVL23-100,JVL4-64 I/II.

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